Parish Of St Francis Xavier, Ashbury, NSW, Australia


Current Update on the Re-opening of Churches within the Archdiocese of Sydney
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Latest updated information on COVID restrictions for places of worship is available online: Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information
Current information on COVID restrictions from NSW Government: COVID-19 rules
Welcome to the St Francis Xavier, Ashbury (NSW Australia). The Parish was established in 1928 with Fr McMahon as our first pastor. For over 90 years we have continued to be a living parish, meeting the needs and challenges of the local area. Many past and present parishioners, religious and clergy have given of their time, energy and love to build a truly faith-filled community centred on Christ under the patronage of St Francis Xavier. We continue to have many parishioners who are volunteers and are involved in a variety of ministries; however, there is still much that needs to be done and more volunteers are always welcome. Over the years we have continued to grow stronger as a multicultural parish. We are gifted as a parish community with a wide variety of backgrounds, traditions, languages and cultures where we truly see diversity and harmony coexisting. It is within our parish community that we celebrate the ways we experience Jesus Christ who is risen and present when we gather and worship. We draw on his divine power that he offers us for our daily lives.

Our parish motto is “Serviam” coming from the Latin, I will serve; and we as a parish community strive to live that out through BOTH word and action as we bring Christ to others as our missionary calling following in the footsteps of St Francis Xavier.

Our parish community is only kept alive through the involvement and generosity of parishioners. May our parish of St Francis Xavier be a sign of God’s presence in Ashbury and beyond as we strive to be one with our God and one another.

If you are in a position to continue supporting the parish, there are options below that may assist you.

  1. Setting up a AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.
  2. There is an ONLINE feature on the left hand side of the home page below the Icon of SFX – “Make A Donation”. Clicking the button will take you to an option to view the refund policy. Press the “Make A Donation” on that page and then it will take you to the secured Commonwealth Bank BPoint portal for SFX parish donations. Press on the drop down menu for “Biller Code” This will give you the options for what you wish to contribute to, eg. Planned Giving—Envelope System (Directly supports the works of the parish), 1st Collection (support of clergy), 2nd Collection (support the Work of the Parish). Follow the prompts to make your donation filling in all sections.
  3. Through physically handing in your planned–giving envelopes or any other donations (in a normal envelope marking what it is for) at the parish house.

Thank you to all, who are able to, in supporting your parish through your donations and prayers.

All Saints Day8.00am
All Souls Day7.00pm
3Parish Pastoral Council7.00pm
St Charles BorromeoMemorial
Parish Finance Committee5.00pm
732nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeMemorial
9Dedication of the Lateran BasilicaFeast
10St Leo the GreatMemorial
11St Martin of ToursMemorial
12St JosaphatMemorial
1433rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
17St Elizabeth of HungryMemorial
21Christ the King
22St CeciliaMemorial
24St Andrew Dung-Lac & CompanionsMemorial
26Sacrament of Confirmation5.00pm/7.00pm
281st Sunday of Advent
30St AndrewFeast